Hand Grade Poly Strapping

Hand grade poly strapping.

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Hand grade polypropylene strapping bands, sometimes called poly strapping, are a lightweight strap used to bundle newspapers, seal and bundle cartons, secure light loads, and for other light-duty applications. The embossed surface makes the strapping flexible so it’s easier to bend around edges and irregular shapes. These strapping bands are applied using strapping tools.

  • Strong polypropylene strapping is 1/2 the weight of steel strapping.
  • Easier, safer and less expensive to use.
  • Smooth or embossed surface.
  • Costs less–Saving up to 50% over polyester or steel strapping.
  • Resists shock–Elongates 5% to 10% to withstand stress and absorb severe shock.
  • Excellent recovery–Recovers 90% to 95% of it’s original length.
  • Impervious to rust–Can’t be affected by rust or rot.
  • Weighs less–Weighs only 1/10 of steel strapping for the same footage.
  • Conforms to all shapes–Even with irregular-shaped cartons.
  • Safer to use–No sharp edges, eliminates backlash.
  • Notch resistant–Will not shear across strap even if nicked.
  • Wide range of uses–Can be used by hand, with tools, or automatically.
  • Self dispensing carton–Can be used from carton without a dispenser.

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Black embossed, 1/2" x .026", 7,200', 16" x 6" core, Black embossed, 1/2" x .030", 7,200', 16" x 6" core, Black embossed, 1/2" x .037", 5,575', 16" x 6" core, Black smooth, 5/8" x .030", 3,500', 16" x 6" core


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