Packaging Supplies
We carry a wide variety of packaging supplies for industry, business, & retail needs. Below, is a brief list of the most common packaging supplies we stock.

stretch wrap Brockton MA, stretch wrap, hand wrap Brockton MA, hand wrap, machine wrap Brockton MA, machine wrap, baling wireSTRETCH WRAP
– All sizes and gauges available.
– Hand/Machine Wrap
plastic sheets Brockton, plastic sheets New England, burlap sheets Brockton, burlap sheets New EnglandSHEETS
– Burlap
– Plastic
corner protector Brockton MA, edge protector Brockton MA, corrugated edge protectors Brockton MA, plastic edge protectors Brockton MA, metal edge protectors Brockton MA, corrugated corner protectors Brockton MA, plastic corner protectors Brockton MA, metal corner protectors Brockton MA, baling wireCORNER/EDGE PROTECTORS
– Corrugated
– Plastic
– Metal
icon, grey box, filler, baling wireGAYLORD LINERS
– All sizes
tape, packaging tape, packaging tape Brockton MA, baling wireTAPES
– Carton Sealing
– Clear
– Filament
PVC bag ties Brockton MA, Coated bag ties Brockton MA, Black annealed bag ties Brockton MA, coppered bag ties Brockton MA, galvanized bag ties Brockton MA, baling wireBAG TIES
– Coated
– Black Annealed
– Coppered
– Galvanized
twine Brockton MA, rope Brockton MA, poly twine Brockton MA, sisal twine Brockton MA, baling wireTWINES
– Rope
– Poly
– Sisal
galvanized, PVC, Coated, black annealed, reelers rebar Brockton MA, tie wire Brockton MA, Galvanized tie wire Brockton MA, PVC rebar Brockton MA, Coated wire Brockton MA, Black Annealed Brockton MA, Reelers Brockton MA, baling wireREBAR/TIE WIRE
– Galvanized
– Coated
– Black annealed
– Reelers also available
stitching wire Brockton MA, Stitching wire, copper wire Brockton MA, galvanized stitching wire Brockton MA, baling wireSTITCHING WIRE
-Assorted Gauges
-Copper, Galvanized
Gauge Merchant Brockton MA, Gauge Merchant New England, Construction Wire Brockton, Construction Wire New England#9 GAUGE MERCHANT/CONSTRUCTION WIRE
– Black Annealed
– 50# Coils
– 100# Coils
plastic bags Brockton, plastic bags New England, burlap bags Brockton, burlap bags New EnglandBAGS
– Burlap
– Plastic
mini strap pack kit Brockton MA, 3000' poly strapping Brockton MA, tie tool Brockton MA, 300 Plastic Buckles Brockton MA, baling wireMINI STRAP PACK KIT
Self-contained kit includes:
– 3000′ Poly Strapping
– Tie Tool
– 300 Plastic Buckles

Please call us toll-free at 1-800-893-1270 or e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions or special requests. We can accommodate most requests for supplies not listed above.