Baling Wire
single loop Brockton MA, galvanized single loop, black annealed single loop, baling wire, single loopSINGLE LOOP
Large selection of galvanized and black annealed bale ties for a wide variety of commodities and products.
– Available from 6 ft. to 22 ft.
– Available from 10 to 15 gauge
– Easy to bend, thread, and tie
– Covered loop ends eliminate snagging between bundles
– All manufactured from highest-quality steel
auto-ty stem carrier wire Brockton MA, auto-ty stem carrier wire, baling wire1200-1800 lb. AUTO-TY STEM CARRIER WIRE
– Galvanized high-tensile and black annealed finishes.
– Available in 10, 11, 12 gauges.
quick-lock Brockton MA, baling wire, single loop, quick lock wireQUICK-LOCK
Quick-lock offers a safe, fast method of simplifying your baling operations Quick-lock requires no tools or seals to complete the tie. Simply snap the ends together by hand … pull the loops together to form a “figure 8” – and the tie is complete. Quick-lock “cut-to-length” bale ties assure uniform bale size. Standard sized bales result in compact, neater storage and substantial savings in warehousing and freight charges.
– Requires no tools or seals for fast tying
– Absorbs greater shock from fork lift trucks and rough handling. Will not come untied accidentally
– Safe … no sharp edges to cut hands
– All lengths and gauges available
galvanized, PVC, Coated, black annealed, reelers rebar Brockton MA, tie wire Brockton MA, Galvanized tie wire Brockton MA, PVC rebar Brockton MA, Coated wire Brockton MA, Black Annealed Brockton MA, Reelers Brockton MA, baling wireMISCELLANEOUS WIRE
– Construction wire
– Black annealed Rebar tie wire (also available with a PVC coating)
– 50# and 100# coil tie wire
– Acoustical ceiling wire
– Most wire tools available
auto-ty wire Brockton MA, box wire Brockton MA, black strand annealed, baling wireAUTO-TY WIRE
– 100# & 50# Box wire
– Black strand annealed
– Eliminates hard and soft spots. Guarantees optimal tying for bale containment
– Available in 50# boxes
– Available in 9, 10, 11, 12 gauges