David Hamburger, owner New England Baling Wire, largest supplier

David Hamburger, the owner of New England Baling Wire, has been in the industry for over 30 years. David learned from the ground-up by working for his family’s business, doing every job you could imagine from the backbreaking labor, to sales, to dealing with the steel mills, and more. He used this wealth of experience to start New England Baling Wire in 1993. Using his expert knowledge of the industry, his passion for superb customer service and some hard work, David was able to take advantage of the push for recycling and the growing interest in baling wire that came with it. This allowed NEBW to start off strong and continue growing to this day.

As the largest suppliers of Baling Wire in New England, we can do things that other companies can’t. We’ve built our 30-year reputation by understanding a client’s needs. You want top-quality wire and strapping…you want fast delivery…you want a reasonable price…and top-notch customer service. We stay Number One the same way we got there. We make deliveries when the customer needs them and offer some of the lowest pricing in the industry. That’s why over 2,000 companies choose New England Baling Wire. David Hamburger takes great pride in personally handling all of his customers’ needs.